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Board of Directors


The Board of Directors supervises the management of the activities of TAC.


  • Provide strategic direction and governance
  • Provide direction to the Executive Director
  • Develop and monitor the implementation of strategic plans
  • Approve policies, processes and procedures for accreditation
  • Approve policies, processes and procedures governing the Standards Council’s responsibility for the development and maintenance of national standards
  • Approve for submission to the members for ongoing support
  • Establish committees or task forces to achieve specific objectives
  • Ensure compliance with Bylaw Article 4.01, holding an Annual General Meeting
  • Ensure periodic, independent review of performance and adherence to the principles of quality management systems


The Board comprises of not more than eleven persons consisting of;
  • up to nine provincial members
  • two directors representing academia and or industry


Sandra Pippus, C.E.T., industry representative
Peter Portlock, CD, MHSA, ASET representative (Chair)
Victoria Ritco, A.Sc.T. (TPS representative)
Lloyd Van't Haaff, A.Sc.T., ASTTBC representative
Yvonne Moritz, academic represenative
Stephen Morley, C.E.T., OACETT representative (Vice-Chair)

Philip Hodder, B.TECH, P.TECH, GSC, AETTNL representative
Ken Mills, C.E.T., CTTAM representative
Eric Montgomery, C.E.T., ITP representative
Candace Scott, C.E.T., NBSCETT/STTAGNB representative
Mike MacLean, C.E.T, INTET, TechNova representative