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Canadian Technology Accreditation Criteria


Canadian Technology Accreditation Criteria (CTAC) are a set of general and discipline specific learning outcomes for each engineering technology and applied science discipline. 

There are eight (8) program general learning outcomes, found in the technician and technologist Program General Learning Outcome CTAC (PGLOY & PGLON). The outcomes for each discpline are found in the Program Discipline Learning Outcome CTACs (PDLO).

Each PGLO and PDLO contains a number of Learning Outcome Indicators (LOIs), which are examples, illustrating, defining and clarifying the level of performance to be achieved. Some LOIs have additional sub-points which are indicated in italics. 


CTAC are used by accreditation bodies, provincial professional associations, educational institutions, government agencies, industry and others for the purposes accreditation, certification and other. TAC uses CTAC in the auditing of engineering technology and applied science programs for the purpose of national program accreditation.