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Become an Auditor


Being an auditor provides a unique opportunity to share your industry experience and utilize your analytical techniques to assess whether an engineering technology or applied science program meets the standards of the profession. 


Prospective auditors are required to sign the Auditor Declaration which is a commitment to adhere to the auditor policies and guidelines. Prospective auditors are required to completed the online training which takes approximately 15-20 hours, depending on one's pace. Auditors may spend up to 40 hours on an audit. Click here for more information about training and to view the National Program Accreditaiton Manual for Auditors.



“As an auditor-in-training for TAC, I find it very rewarding to have a big impact with the minimal volunteer effort required. I completed post-secondary education in 2006 and currently use those learned skills and knowledge as a professional in the workplace. I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment to evaluate and provide feedback to the institute programs that helped make me who I am today.”

Chris Gabrielson, P. Tech (eng)
TAC Auditor-In-Training

As an auditor, you will receive the following benefits;

  • satisfaction knowing you have supported students and your profession
  • demonstrate and enhance leadership and communication skills
  • earn professional development credit (contact your PPA for more details)

Apply Now

Certified engineering technicians and technologists interested in becoming an auditor must contact their professional provincial assocation (see below). Auditor candidates will be required submit their resume, highlighting any audit experience, to their association. The PPA will forward the resume to TAC. Successful candidates will be notified. 

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       Travis Piecharka                              Elvira O’Kane                                          Barry Billing                        Jaime Feltis                                      

Qualified candidates not a member of a PPA may submit their resume to Shauna Wright at

As auditor positions are volunteer, all expenses are covered by TAC.