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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the steps in the accreditation process?
A. Please click here for the process chart.

Q. How long does take to conduct an accreditation?
A. The short answer is approximately 5 months once the self-assessment package has been completed. This time frame can be shortened however.

Q. How long does it take to complete the self-assessment package?
A. Generally, 100 hours are spent preparing the self-assessment package. Click here to see a sample of the completed tables.

Q. What if a program has unique learning outcomes that are not found in any of the CTAC?
A. Up to two customized Discipline Learning Outcomes You may be designed to reflect the uniqueness of a program.

Q. How do I become an auditor?
A. Click here for more information.

Q. Who audits the program?
A. TAC has a trained pool of auditors. Auditors are required to conduct TAC’s online training.

Q. How long does it take to do the online auditor training?
A. The training can be done at one’s own pace. It generally takes between 15-20 hours.

Q. As an auditor, how much time will be required to do an accreditation?
A. Auditors may expect to invest up to 40 hours with an accreditation. 

Q. How long is the site visit?
A. The site visit is 1 full day. Click here to see the schedule.

Q. What is the cost of accreditation?
A. TAC charges an application accreditation fee per program. The application fee is waived if the program has been previously accredited. A discount on the accreditation is offered for multiple accreditations. Please click here for the fee and discount schedule.