New national accrediting body to accredit all Canadian chemical technology programs as part of exclu

May 17, 2016
Technology Accreditation Canada (TAC), a recently established national accrediting body for the engineering technology and applied science profession, has achieved another first in reaching an exclusive agreement with the Canadian Society for Chemical Technology (CSCT) to conduct all new accreditations of its chemical technology programs. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed today by both organizations.

Officially launched in 2015, TAC accredits engineering technology and applied science programs at post-secondary educational institutions.

Not only will TAC conduct all CSCT accreditations, it will expand its pool of auditors by recruiting and training qualified auditors from CSCT’s own membership. As well, a CSCT representative will participate in TAC’s all-important standards council. Canadian Technology Accreditation Criteria (CTAC) will be applied to CSCT accreditations as it is to all TAC accreditations.

“We are pleased by this exciting development. In its second year of business, TAC has exceeded expectations with a multitude of accreditations already completed, in progress or on the horizon. This agreement with CSCT confirms that TAC is increasingly being seen as the nation’s leader in the accreditation of engineering technology and applied science educational programs,” said Peter Portlock, TAC board chair.

TAC is the brainchild of Technology Professionals Canada (TPC), a partnership of provincial technology associations in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan, which together represent approximately 85 per cent of the profession in Canada.

TPC realized that a review was long overdue for the decades-old accreditation system in Canada. It approached the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to undertake a comprehensive third-party evaluation. The establishment of TAC is the direct result of that evaluation combined with three years of development and testing to achieve rigorous and consistent national accreditation.

“Signing this agreement today represents a significant milestone for the CSCT board and its members. This world-class accreditation model will raise the bar on post-secondary technology programs, allowing many more students to excel on a world stage,” said Samantha Waytowich, CSCT president.

TAC takes the accreditation process to the next level through objective documentation, competency definition/measurement and quality assessment, and ensures auditor competency through specialized training, testing and monitoring. Accreditation decisions are based on the program meeting clearly defined criteria and not on the subjective approval of a board of directors. Second-level process and annual reviews by TAC’s governance and audit council guarantee consistency and integrity in TAC’s national accreditation process.

TAC accreditation gives colleges the confidence that their programs meet diligent thirdparty approval and directly embody the standards of the profession. Students will know that the program chosen reflects excellence in education, and offers an opportunity for learning and professional status after graduation. Employers will be satisfied that graduates are ready to contribute and bring real value to their businesses. Provincial professional associations (PPAs) will recognize that graduates from TAC nationally accredited programs have the necessary academic preparation to join the profession and that no further technical education is needed for certification.

Chemical technology includes chemical technologists and technicians from the following programs: chemical technology; chemical engineering technology; biochemical technology; biochemical engineering technology; environmental technology; chemical laboratory technology; biotechnology; chemical sciences technology; pharmaceutical and food science technology; manufacturing sciences technology; bioscience technology; chemical production engineering technology; and water and wastewater technology. Incorporated in 2013, TAC accredits engineering technology and applied science programs at post-secondary educational institutions. Its goal is to be a leader in the delivery of improved, efficient and effective national accreditation, using trained, specialized auditors, maintaining an uncompromising degree of quality control and assurance, and rigorously applying national technology standards. For more information about TAC, please visit CSCT is an Ottawa-based, not-for-profit incorporated professional association, working under the umbrella organization, Chemical Institute of Canada, and uniting chemical technologists and technicians from industry, academia and government.