Technology Accreditation Canada Completes PGLOY Review

October 17, 2016
Technology Accreditation Canada Completes PGLOY Review:
National accrediting body continues to promote excellence in education

This fall, students in TAC accredited programs are taking their first step towards an exciting career in a range of Canadian engineering technology fields.

As a national accrediting body for the engineering technology and applied science profession, Technology Accreditation Canada (TAC) gives students, parents and college administration confidence that their program meets the profession’s national standards. 

Recently TAC completed its review of the Program General Learning Outcomes for Technologists (PGLOY), one of the 37 Canadian Technology Accreditation Criteria (CTAC) used in the auditing of engineering technology and applied science programs for the purpose of national accreditation.

“This is the first step of our commitment towards refining clear, consistent national standards that are reflective of the profession in 2016,” says Charles Joyner, Chair of TAC’s Standards Council. 

A 23-person Standards Development Committee, comprised of representatives from both education and industry, was established last November to revise the existing PGLOY. With the guidance of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), the detailed, transparent process for revising the PGLOY included a 60-day public review period, and the vetting of over 200 comments from stakeholders and the Committee. The revised document was endorsed by TAC’s Standard Council and the CTAC revision process was reviewed by TAC’s Governance and Audit Council.   

The revised PGLOY is now available for use. 

The process of accreditation is recognized worldwide as an objective method of assessment and an important tool to identify program strengths and challenges. It also provides faculty an excellent team-building opportunity. This independent seal of approval, benefiting students, educators and employers, represents excellence in education and the high standards of the profession graduates will be joining.

TAC recently completed five national program accreditations in Alberta, with two accreditations currently underway in British Columbia and Ontario.  An additional 43 accreditation applications have been received and are expected to commence this fall.

Since commencing operations in 2015, TAC has performed accreditations at post-secondary institutions in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan. 

Through accreditation, TAC is committed to partnering with educational institutions to ensure students receive a quality education that meets the standards of Canada`s engineering technology profession. For more information about TAC or how to apply for accreditation, please visit