TAC Celebrates World Standards Day

October 14, 2020
In celebration of World Standards Day, Technology Accreditation Canada (TAC) announces the review of the first Canadian Technology Accreditation Criteria (CTAC) is underway.

An in depth review of both the Electrical CTAC for technicians and technologists will be conducted by a Standards Development Committee (SDC), comprising of certified professionals and post secondary educators from the electrical field. The Committee is tasked with assessing and refining the learning outcomes and indicators to ensure they are relevant to the current requirements of the profession and consistent with other CTAC. At the conclusion of the Committee’s review process, the revised Electrical CTAC will be published for a review period, providing an opportunity for stakeholders to provide feedback on the proposed changes.

The Canadian Technology Accreditation Criteria (i.e. educational standards) are a collection of general and discipline specific learning outcomes and indicators used by TAC, provincial certifying bodies and educational institutions for accreditation, certification and program development purposes respectively. 

“A significant amount of work on key issues relating to the CTAC has been completed allowing us to reach stage two of the CTAC Review Project”, comments Richard Stamper, TAC Executive Director. “We look forward to SDC members conducting their work over the next several months and publishing a revised CTAC early in the new year”.

Under the guidance of CSA Group, one of the largest standards development organizations in North America, the CTAC Review Project is an ambitious undertaking over five years to refine the CTAC to ensure the collection is consistent and reflects the requirements of the engineering technology and applied science profession of today. 

A standard is a commonly agreed way of doing something. Standards are usually developed through consensus by experts and interested parties within an industry and evolve to meet the continuing needs of an industry.