Technology Accreditation Canada Reaches Critical Mass in 2018

February 8, 2019
Technology Accreditation Canada (TAC) reached critical mass in 2018. With the continued growth of its auditor pool, the organization created the capacity to conduct thirty-seven site visits and accredit twenty-nine programs.  Specifics and additional highlights are provided in its 2018 Annual Report, released today. 

In third quarter of the year, the first phase of a cloud based, automated accreditation system was launched. The accreditation application and self-assessment form employs a simplified, step by step process, pre-populated fields and connecting tables, providing both customers and audit teams with a much improved user experience.  Educational institutions, particularly those conducting accreditations for multiple programs, will realize considerable time savings.

Important work focused on the collection of national education standards, specifically a proposed consolidated structure, reformatting, the refinement of the general learning outcomes, including mathematics, and the drafting of a national technology report guideline. 

“We are very pleased with the significant progress realized last year, particularly the number programs accredited and the interest in our services from a number of educational institutions.”, commented Peter Portlock, TAC Board of Directors Chair. “We believe this is a testament to our collaborative approach to serving the best interests of students”.

Accreditation is recognized worldwide as an objective method of assessment and a valuable tool to identify program strengths and challenges. This independent seal of approval represents excellence in education and the high standards of the profession graduates will be joining. Achieving accreditation provides students, parents and the institution’s administration confidence that the program has met defined standards.