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Board of Directors


The Board of Directors supervises the management of the activities of TAC.


  • Provide strategic direction and governance
  • Provide direction to the Executive Director
  • Develop and monitor the implementation of strategic plans
  • Approve policies, processes and procedures for accreditation
  • Approve policies, processes and procedures governing the Standards Council’s responsibility for the development and maintenance of national standards
  • Approve for submission to the members for ongoing support
  • Establish committees or task forces to achieve specific objectives
  • Ensure compliance with Bylaw Article 4.01, holding an Annual General Meeting
  • Ensure periodic, independent review of performance and adherence to the principles of quality management systems


The Board comprises of not more than eleven persons consisting of;
  • up to nine provincial members
  • two directors representing academia and or industry


Sandra Pippus, C.E.T., industry representative
Peter Portlock, CD, MHSA, ASET representative 
Victoria Ritco, A.Sc.T. TPS representative (Vice-Chair)
Lloyd Van't Haaff, A.Sc.T., ASTTBC representative
Yvonne Moritz, academic represenative
Stephen Morley, C.E.T., OACETT representative
Ken Mills, C.E.T., CTTAM representative
Eric Montgomery, C.E.T., ITP representative
Candace Scott, C.E.T., NBSCETT/STTAGNB representative
Sean Piercy, C.E.T, IntET, TechNova representative
Tony Scott, C.E.T., AETTNL representative