TAC launches website for engineering technology and applied science profession

June 24, 2014
After months of preparation, Technology Accreditation Canada (TAC) has just launched its inaugural website, www.technologyaccreditation.ca

The website launch is the next step in the realization of a bold, new world class accreditation model which is designed to revitalize and, ultimately, redefine the future of accreditation for the engineering technology and applied science profession. A pilot project is currently underway at a Canadian College to test the national accreditation model, and a site visit is planned for August 2014. Once fully operational in early 2015, TAC will begin accrediting engineering technology and applied science programs at post-secondary educational institutions.

The website introduces stakeholders and the public to TAC and the benefits it offers the profession. It explains the importance of accreditation while providing the requisite instruction and documentation for educational institutions to apply for accreditation. As well, it describes the criteria and steps for becoming an Auditor. The TAC news section brings viewers up to date on the latest TAC news releases, announcements and media coverage.

“Our goal was to achieve a clean, uncluttered but exciting look to the website that appeals to visitors. We purposely included lots of photos that reflect the programs we will be accrediting. The website serves as further affirmation that TAC is officially open for business and on the road to full operations,” said Barbara Chappell, TAC Executive Director.
TAC is accepting applications for accreditation for 2015, and for additional pilot projects in August 2014.
The establishment of TAC by Technology Professionals Canada (TPC) was in direct response to findings made by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) after performing a comprehensive, independent review of technology accreditation practices that existed at the time measured against best practices from other jurisdictions and sectors.
Incorporated in 2013, Technology Accreditation Canada (TAC) accredits engineering technology and applied science programs at post-secondary educational institutions. It is a leader in the delivery of improved, efficient and effective national accreditation, using trained, specialized auditors, maintaining an uncompromising degree of quality control and assurance, and rigorously applying national technology standards.