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Policies & Disclaimer

Collection and Storage of Personal Information – Privacy Policy

Effective:  May 5, 2014

This policy applies to all employees, contractors, auditors, Directors, Officers, suppliers and others with access to the personal information collected during the course of the business of TAC.

For the purpose of this policy, “personal information" means any information gathered and recorded regarding an individual. This may include, but is not limited to, the individual’s name, address, education, and employment history.  An example of this could be information included within a resume submitted to TAC in the Auditor application process.

Privacy Statement
Technology Accreditation Canada respects the privacy of all stakeholders at all times.
In the process of providing accreditation services we collect personal information.  It might arise that this information will be used to inform stakeholders of other important information such as new and emerging developments in procedures or programs which might have the potential to impact upcoming or existing accreditations. 

Technology Accreditation Canada does not share your personal information with other parties without your explicit consent.   You are entitled access to your information upon request at any time.

In the course of the business of Technology Accreditation Canada (TAC), personal information such as names and addresses may be collected and held, specifically for use in fulfilling the primary purpose of TAC.   This includes information required to provide college programs and other internal personnel with knowledge transfer and accreditation services.

To ensure that accreditation requirements are transparent, information retained on our database is also used to inform stakeholders of new and emerging developments in procedures or programs which might have the potential to impact upcoming or existing accreditations.   Unless TAC receives notification otherwise, this practice will continue. 

Most personal information is stored using the services of The Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT), a Provincial Association and member of TAC.  In cases where services are contracted out, necessary contractual measures are taken to protect this information.

TAC ensures that all practical steps are taken to protect the security of the personal information held, in electronic or hard copy form.    TAC staff, volunteers and auditors commit in writing to compliance with this privacy policy.  

Privacy Disclaimer
All documentation from which personal information may be collected, in all formats which are generated by or on behalf of TAC as a part of volunteer recruitment, standards development, accreditation processes or financial transactions will be subject to the opening statement concerning privacy.   Links to this policy statement will be provided wherever appropriate.

Complaints related to TAC Privacy Policy
All complaints related to this policy will be treated as critical, and handled promptly and confidentially.   Complaints will have no effect on the status of an accreditation or the provision of any services underway or requested by the complainant.

Complaints under this policy are limited to those that relate to the collection of personal information or how it is stored, used or disclosed by TAC.   Information on actions taken will be reported to the Executive Director who acts as Chief Privacy Officer.   Any complaints and subsequent actions will be recorded and reported to the Board of Directors.

Complaints concerning the privacy practices or about how personal information is managed, may be forwarded at any time to the Executive Director who acts as Chief Privacy Officer.
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Third-Party Web Tracking
In some cases, TAC uses third-party web analytics from Google, Yahoo! and others.  These organizations use browser cookies to collect anonymous traffic data; they may also use anonymous information about stakeholder visits to this and other websites in order to improve their products and services and provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to them --- For more information, users should see the policies provided by these web providers.

TAC’s Privacy Policy and Statement will be reviewed regularly and revised as deemed appropriate.