2024 Technology Report Contest

Contest Details


             1st Place                            2nd Place                           3rd Place 

$1,000                                      $500                                        $300


Eligibility: One Technology Report submission per TAC or CTAB accredited program, written by one student or in a group up to four students, in their final year of their program

Report Criteria: Produce a written, minimum 3,000 word Technology Report, following general learning outcome GY01 Technology Report, which includes research, design, testing, analysis and conclusions related to a significant technology-related issue

Judging Criteria:
Category Particulars Grading
Originality Includes independent and creative in thought 15%
Complexity Includes complicated or interrelated parts 25%
Academic Rigor Follows general learning outcome indicators here 15%
Innovation Introduces a new idea, method or device 15%
Conclusion/Recommendations Supported by research, analysis and are justified 10%
Presentation/Format Uses accepted principles of documentation, grammar, writing style, graphics and design 20%

Download the 2024 Technology Report Contest Entry Form

For more information, please contact:
Muktha Tumkur
Executive Director